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Pursuing a career in cyber security means joining a booming industry where available jobs outnumber qualified candidates.

The roles are much more than ‘hardcore technical’. 

Let yourself be inspired by the content on this page – and consider if you should pursue a career in cyber security as well?

Dive into our online modules and lean more about cyber security!

Together with our partners we have created a great selection of online modules focusing on different aspects of cyber security.

Dive into all modules or choose the topics that interest you most!


“Keep s*** from hitting the fan”

About this module

Thomas Sevelsted and Sidsel Trampedach Thorell from Truesec security takes you on a journey through the discussion “why is cyber security important?”.

You will hear everything about creating a risk-based cyber security program which focuses on moving from anxiety to actions.

So buckle up and join us through this presentation called “Keep s*** from hitting the fan”!


“Cyber Security”

About this module

This module provides you with a thorough insight in the way Microsoft deals with cyber security.

The treat landscape is constantly evolving, and therefore the field is of huge importance in the organization.

According to Business Group Lead, Tanya Christensen, we need to be smarter, faster, and more agile, and most important: if you choose this career path, you will never stop learning!

Implement Consulting Group

“Cyber Resiliency & Business Continuity”

About this module

Christian Ehlers Mikkelsen and Kim Schlyter work every day to protect society and critical infrastructure around us through their work with their clients.

They strive to improve the cyber resiliency of their clients, which is what this module is all about.

Christian will for example show the connection between cyber resiliency and business continuity, and introduce you on how to do a business impact analysis.

ATU’s Cyber Career-Course!

Are you ready to explore the digital world and take your curiosity to the next level?

At ATU, we offer a unique opportunity for young people, ages between 15 to 25, to become part of our exciting Cyber Career course!

Notice: ATU’s Cyber Career-Course is in Danish

Read more about Cyber Career Courses here

The people who work with cyber security

Be inspired by these 20 young profiles who have chosen a career path in cyber security in Denmark.

They hold a range of different educations: law, economics, philosophy, communication to business administration. Yet, they all agree on one thing: cyber security is fun, challenging, and exciting to work with.

Eunice, Microsoft

Privacy is a human right. Every day Eunice works to protect customers’ data and she urges everyone to join the cyber security space – because privacy matters. And also, it is super exciting!

Ulrich, Implement Consulting Group

Ulrich has a master’s degree in law and is the perfect example of that cyber security calls for many types of profiles. His advice for everyone who is considering a future in cyber security is “Just go for it!”

Johanne, VENZO_cyber security

Cyber security is really not that difficult and there is room for everyone. You don’t have to know everything, you just have to be willing to learn.

Check out the rest of our videos

and get inspired by our awesome role models.

Ljlia, Microsoft - So many threats are lurking...

Whether you are technical, strategic or analytical, cyber security is a perfect career path for you! So many threats are lurking in the cyber landscape and the companies need new talents to defend them.

Nanna, Implement - Teaching, faciliating and communicating!

How do skills such as teaching, facilitation and written communication fit a career in the field of information security? They fit very well, and Nanna is the living proof of that!

Jonathan, Microsoft - Companies need all types of skills

“I don’t have the technical skills or the nerdy personality to work in cyber security.” If that thought have ever crossed your mind, then stop! Companies need all types of skills when they work with cyber security, and they need you!

Heidi, Forsvaret - Nudging others to behave more secure

Heidi works within a great mix of security, technology, people, culture and organization. Every day she uses a lot of different skills when she tries to gently nudge our behaviour towards a slightly more secure way.

Jessica, Implement - You don't need to be a hacker!

Every organization should think about cyber security. Because it’s such an important topic, you can really make a difference in this line of work. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a hacker!

Aline, Microsoft - Diversity is needed to fight cyber-crime

“We are not enough people – yet!”. In the future, the fight against cyber-crime needs to be more diverse, and the companies need more warriors. But don’t worry, you will learn everything you need to know along the way!

Hjortur, VENZO_cyber security - The digital 'cops and robbers'

Hjortur’s job is almost like a computer version of cops and robbers when he spends his days at work stopping bad guys from hurting people or companies. Without people to fill this role, it will result in people losing assets and money.

Josefine, AP Pension - Making clients data secure, every day

For Josefine, every day means a different task, but she is always working for a more secure environment for clients’ data.

Amanda, STIL - Her huge passion lead the way

With a background in business administration and economics, Amanda applied for a job in the field of cyber security based on only a huge passion and interest.

Andrew, VENZO_cyber security - Like touching the future

No business, organization or government in the world today can ignore cyber security. And that’s what makes it exciting! According to Andrew, cyber security is really like touching the future.

Lars, NC3 Politi - Solving crimes in the Danish police

“Don’t be afraid of failure!”. Lars has worked his way up to solve crime alongside the Danish police and according to him, you have to fail a lot to gain knowledge in the field of cyber security.

Sidsel, VENZO_cyber security - Minimizing clients threats

Researching, talking to a lot of different people and offering advice to companies on how to minimize threats. If you boil it down – that is kind of how a day at the office in the life of Sidsel looks like.

Søren, Velux - It's to late for books, when incident happens

Everyday, Søren is trying to look into a crystal ball to find the answers everyone needs. If an incident happens, then it is too late to start looking in books and articles, and that’s why it’s key that Søren makes sure we are prepared!

Susan, Implement - The social scientist by heart

Susan is a social scientist by heart. She holds an educational background in political science and security risk management. Susan, among other things, helps her clients to define security requirements when they need to develop new solutions or products.

Maja, VENZO_cyber security - Like a detective on a crime scene

A part of Maja’s job is to do threat hunts, which is almost like being a detective going through a crime scene or digging for whatever clues you can find. She uses her technical skillset alongside communication, analytical skills and the simple ability to think critical.

Alicja, EnergiCert - The analytical profile

If you are a good team player, a good communicator and overall are curious and willing to learn new things, then there is a good chance cyber security is a perfect match for you.

Rhianon, Implement - Help clients with digital roadmaps

Rhianon helps clients with their digital transformation journey. Very specifically, she focuses on companies cyber security, cyber needs, risks assessments etc. Right now she is helping a client on their cyber security maturity, developing roadmaps on where they want to be in the future and defining measurable steps on how to get there.


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