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This is where we aim to build the community for young talents interested in cyber security!

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CyberSkills is a vibrant, growing Danish youth tech-community on Discord. Our members share knowledge, train their skills and network on a daily basis.

We started CyberSkills to be a place where you can meet with and learn from others who share the same interest in cyber security.

At the moment we have over 1.300 users!

CyberSkills EVENTS

CyberSkills is regularly hosting a lot events around Denmark, both physical and online.

By joining these events you can connect with others, meet the industry and the educational institutions.

Make sure you don’t miss out on all the cool activities that we are doing and check out the event calendar!


De Danske Cybermesterskaber is for everyone between the ages of 15-25. The goal is to find the strongest Danish Cyber ​​National Team, which will compete for the European Championships and represent Denmark.

Do you have the needed skills for being part of the Danish National Cyber Team?

Click the button below to visit the oficial website of De Danske Cybermesterskaber for more information.

Check-out the video from

De Danske Cybermesterskaber 2024 National Final

Role Models

Why is cyber security interesting, relevant and exciting?

Listen to some of our selected Cyber Skills ambassadors, and get to know why they are interested in cyber security. They are sharing their best advice to you who want to learn more and become better at cyber security!

Note: Most of the interviews are carried out in Danish. 

Kasper Tonsgaard

Studerende, Aarhus Gymnasium

Amanda Rasmussen

Studerende, Rynsensteen Gymnasium

Omar Nabil

Studerende, MSc Cyber Security, AAU

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We want to listen to your ideas, and good inputs. So please reach out to us if you have anything that you would like to share with us.

We are always open for ideas to new initiatives, learning material or anything else that will help us on our mission to get more young people interested in cyber security!



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