CTF with Destination Aarhus and Partners

Aarhus | Aalborg | København

17 November 15.00-22.00

De Danske Cybermesterskaber and CyberSkills have teamed up with Destination Aarhus and a number of other partners to make a great CTF Competition focusing on technical skills, cool challenges and community building across Denmark. We will be hosting four physical CTF’s in Aarhus,  Aalborg and Copenhagen.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, education, work status etc.

We look forward to welcoming familiar faces from DDC and other CyberSkills activities as well as new faces, so that we can build an even stronger and vibrant hacking community together.

We promise you, that we will put a lot of effort into creating new, exciting tasks to ensure 7 hours of great fun and challenge! We will have beginner friendly challenges in all categories, and we hope this event can inspire many to also try out other categories than they are used to. That being said, there might also be some really difficult ones in between. 

We will be awarding symbolic prizes to the top three participants in each city, as well as the overall top three! 

Please bring your own PC (no special programs are required, since you can access Hauukins directly from your browser or VPN connection).

To keep you energized throughout the event, we will provide dinner and snacks!

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Scroll down this page and make sure to register for the right city!

How does the platform work for the CTF?

Haaukins is a cyber security training platform that allows you to set up and explore insecure computers, devices, and websites in a secure and closed environment. The user interface is intuitive and does not require special installations of programs – all it requires is a computer with Internet access and a web browser. There will be tasks of all levels of difficulty, so even if you are brand new you are still very welcome! For those who are a little more experienced and have their own Kali Linux installed, it is also possible to access the platform via VPN (Wireguard).

You will be provided with the address to the challenges and the Haaukins lab when the competition starts.

The rules for the CTF

  • It is an individual competition. It is not allowed to help each other, i.e. exchanging hints, flags or solutions.
  • It is not allowed to attack the competition infrastructure.
  • The one with the most points at the end is the winner. If two participants have an equal number of points, the one who finished the last challenge first wins.
  • In case of technical problems or suspected cheating, please contact the local host who will assess the case and if needed take it further.
  • Announcements will be done in Discord during the event, so sign up (invitations will be distributed before the competition).
  • Be nice and respectful to other participants 😊


14.30 – Arrival, registration and setup of PC

15.00 – Local Opening & Short Talk

15.15 – CTF is presented – and will begin!

18.00 – Dinner is served

21.30 – CTF ends

21.45 – Online Announcement of Winners (local hosts will check in)

22.00 – Thank you for today!

Register Here

Make sure to register for the specific city, by clicking the right box below. Details about location will follow, but we will make sure that it is a central location in every city. 


17. November

15.00 – 22.00

Location: TBA


17. November

15.00 – 22.00

Location: TBA


17. November

15.00 – 22.00

Location: TBA

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